Boys Suits for Weddings – The Unexpected

boys suits for weddings

Ahhh...I do love a good dramatic title. As some of you know, we're getting married in Mexico at Omni Cancun Hotel & Villas, and using our wedding as a Charity Wedding to raise money for my favorite Pediatric cancer research charity, St. Baldrick's. On a side note- do you know we're giving away an Epiphanie bag this week as part of our Charity Wedding effort? Come see! So plenty of surprises along the way of the wedding planning process so far, and most of them have … [Read more...]

The Epiphanie Bag – A #CharityWedding Sweepstakes!

Back in 2008 I co-founded a blogger outreach company called, and began to work with many writers, most of whom loved photography. So it wasn't long before we came upon Maile Wilson, who had grown tired of her boring camera bag and had started Epiphanie Bags, filling a gaping hole in the camera world with fantastic, pretty, and functional purses/camera bags. What made these bags special was that they were fashionable, and instantly gave bloggers a way … [Read more...]

How do we make this wedding Pinterest-worthy?

fstb I know that we have some great going for us. And the fact that you get to watch someone marry the person that the universe decided they were supposed to be with, well, kind of a big thing, right?! And before I forget, thanks to St. Baldricks for their recent stamp of loveproval. Yep, decided that was a word. But in the day and age of Pinterest, how does one make a serious splash with their wedding? I mean, you gotta dig deep these days. The whole … [Read more...]

Taco Cabana For A Year – A Charity Wedding Giveaway!


Yes, at the bottom of this post I'll be explaining about the giveaway. But if you find me remotely interesting, funny, or devilishly handsome, keep reading. I'd do it for you. Just saying. UPDATE: Come back next week for your chance to win an Epiphanie Camera Bag/Purse!! Subscribe to HalftimeLessons so you don't miss a single giveaway this year!! To say that Shay and I were excited when we were first approached by a well-known brand about our Charity Wedding would be a … [Read more...]