Flank Steak Recipe From A Childhood Memory


When I was a kid my mom (or me mum) used to make the most amazing flank steak...I carried the memory of it all through my life. A really vivid memory of that flavor, which was quite unlike any other. And until recently, I hadn't had that flank steak in probably 30 years. Only being the dunce I am, it never really occurred to me to ask her for it, most likely because I've never been much in the kitchen besides a secret midnight chocolate binger. But my amazing wife and a … [Read more...]

Thank You 50k Twitterfolk!! Now Let Me Promote YOU. {Giveaway}


Last week my Twitter account reached a milestone...50,000 followers. Pretty astonishing since I never really cared for Twitter until a couple of years ago, and I rarely have anything intelligent to say there. And yet, you followed. And I thank you. Hopefully I followed you back as well, I always try to...if I'm not, let me know! And this weekend as I was sitting down to dinner with my family and with a very full and mushy heart, I realized I wanted to do … [Read more...]

Our Sundays, and Shay’s Simple Slow Cooker Beef Stew Recipe

Simple Slow Cooker Beef Stew Recipe

Today we're gonna show you what our Sundays look like, and share Shay's Simple Slow Cooker Beef Stew Recipe. Random, I know, but appropriate. Let's go. Our lives are very full. 5 kids, 2 jobs. Weeks fly by, faster all the time. And we've found the only way to feel like we're making a decent effort at parenting et al is to get ahead of it. My wife is very much a proponent of eating real food, and I'm eternally grateful for her firm stance. She was raised in a kitchen, … [Read more...]

Build a RSS reader on your WordPress blog.

9-10-2014 3-18-50 PM

Last year Google Reader went away, causing folks far and wide to figure out what to do for a new RSS reader to keep up with their favorite blogs. This happened while my wife and I were furiously planning a wedding, so I wasn't exactly actively reading at the time anyway. But now that I find myself with more time to write and read, I recently went in search of an RSS reader that would suit my habits, and had trouble. There are great feed readers out there like Feedly, … [Read more...]

Hey Bloggers: We’re looking for great blogs to read. #MeetnTweet

Jay and Shay

[tweetbutton]I started blogging back in '07. Started as a fun way to connect, tell stories, and if no one else, crack myself up. I was constantly looking for great blogs to read, I developed many connections quickly, read and commented on a lot of blogs, posted every day. Raised money for my favorite charity, St. Baldricks, made some great friends, told stories. Loved it, a really fun time in my life. Then, life shifted. Good and bad. My sister died. Mom had two bouts … [Read more...]

Our @SocialFresh East Results, and SF West at #OmniSanDiego


July brought the Social Fresh Conference to the Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate, and the chance for me to get out of the office for a few days to attend and make some noise from/about that gorgeous property. Social Fresh is really fantastic. One of my favorite conferences as it is a great size crowd (about 4-500), but not overbearing, lots of digital influencers, top of the line speakers and content, and by far the best feature is that it's a single track agenda...you … [Read more...]

My Favorite Dutch Food And How I Suck At Making It. #RecipeFail

Broodje Kroket Met Mosterd Recipe

I went to small American high school in Holland, which some of you may remember was the first place I ever kissed a girl who wasn't a barbie. It was on those streets of The Hague that I first had a kroket, and thanks to that deep-fried delicacy, my waistline has never been the same. Permanent and lifelong damage. This is a Broodje Kroket Met Mosterd. And frites met mayo. Helemaal lekker. Please note at this point that this is what this delicacy is supposed to look like. … [Read more...]