The “man” who killed my sister goes on trial next week.

So, I know I’ve been a bit quiet recently, and there’s a reason.

My older sister was killed last year by an “acquaintance”. People refer to him as a “man” at times, but I can’t imagine equating a scumbag like that to someone who takes care of his kids, tries to make a living, and bring home the bread.

You’re a maggot-ridden piece of trash, you unbelievable waste of space. And you’re gonna hang, or spend your life kicking the soap into a corner of the prison shower to prolong the inevitable.

I’m going to be there the whole time. Trying to catch your eye. To show you that my sister was a person. To make sure that every time you come up for parole, there will be someone waiting to show the board my sisters pretty smile.

And back in you’ll go.

Dont worry about wondering which one I am in the courtroom. You’ll know.

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Jay Cooney

I'm Jay. Married to Shay. Eleventy-gillion kids. Social media strategist for Omni Hotels & Resorts. These are my HalftimeLessons.


  1. jay…there are really no words. i am so sorry, so heartbroken for what you have been through. it’s not fair, and once again, i am sorry.

  2. Thanks Summer. Its been too long, I sure hope you’re well. :-)

  3. Oh, Jay… I am so sorry that this has happened to your family. And, yes, I hope that scumbag rots in jail for the rest of his days.

  4. Thanks Amy. Im gonna do everything I can to make sure this guy stays uncomfortable. Hope youre doing well– so jealous of your living over there! If you find yourself in St Margarets/Twickenham, make sure you find your way into the Real Ale shop and tell my brother Nick to get stuffed.

  5. I want to say something meaningful and deep and true, but I’m honestly overwhelmed by what you’ve been through lately, so I’ll offer support with this – enjoy giving that fucker the stink eye. May he shower in stalls with no corners.

    XO – A

  6. Oh my dear friend Ash…You do have a gift for the gab.

  7.' Koel Phelps says:

    Hey Jay, what a horrific tragedy to happen to one of the greatest guys I know. I am truely sorry for you and your family. Hopefully, he will burn in hell soon or rott in a tight confinement where the gaurds will be his only visiters. “An eye for an eye…”

  8. Thanks so much, Koelly. I really appreciate the kind words, and compliment.

  9.' Mara Nicastro says:

    Sad and mad with you. Sterkte.

  10. Though I have been a bit absent from the blogging world lately… my thoughts and prayers are with you Jay. Stay strong and always keep the great memories!

  11. a warm comfy jail cell and 3 squares a day is far from the torture and depravity this monster deserves, jay… thoughts and prayers are with you….take care of yourself man….

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